Mpi completes 2014 NYC Marathon!

Mpi paris 2014When my sister told me in September that I could have a bib for the NYC Marathon I thought wahou !!! YES !!! ok !! let’s do it !!! I had 2 months to get ready,  … even if it was still quite hot here in Riyadh I was over-motivated to wake up early in the morning … and thanks to my co-runners’ friends support & advice Claudine, Claudio, Nicole, Christophe & co  … I was prepared as much as I could be for when I got there …

Even though, I was stressed …

I deeply wanted to get under the 4 hours !!! ( I did 4:07 two years ago in Dubai).

But moreover I really wanted to enjoy it !! For godsake it was New-York !!!

Of course it was freezing that day (-7degrees felt temperature), it was very windy also but it was sunny !!

It is a huge marathon so you get there by bus 3 hours earlier … you wear extra-clothes that you will throw away before the start (26 tons of clothing were collected from this year’s 50,000 NYC marathon runners !!)

… but as soon as it started, on the bridge with the statue of Liberty on my left, !!! & Manhattan further … I kept telling myself that I was here to enjoy it !!!! I almost cried several times … too many emotions … passing by a church at eleven with the bells ringing !!! … arriving in front of the Times Building & others … and two of my sisters there at the km30, and on the 5th avenue 2 miles before Central Park  …  & so many people cheering names with funny signs and playing music along the whole marathon. I felt overwhelmed with love and energy.

I didn’t get to the finish line alone, I carried multiple people in my mind and heart throughout the race. And if it wasn’t for each one of them believing in me when I was struggling to believe in myself, I wouldn’t have made it…. So thank you so much my family, co-runners here in Riyadh and friends …

The NYC marathon will always be in my heart as it gave me so much more than it took from me !!!!

I have a little marathon blues now … you keep your goal in mind for 2 months then suddenly it’s over. Oups…

Fortunately we have the Riyadh road runners races coming !!! and I felt so proud to wear the new season RRR tee-shirt that day !!

See u soon ….